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Cops ‘completely terrified’ to discover ‘IT’ balloons on sewer grates in small town

Even cops are afraid of clowns. Police in Lilitz, Pennsylvania were less than pleased to find a local prankster “promoting” the upcoming release of Stephen King’s novel turned horror flick, IT. In the film, Pennywise the clown lurks around a small Maine town’s sewers, snatching children, and leaving red balloons tied to sewer grates. According...CONTINUE READING

‘Braided’ eyebrows are the latest absurd beauty trend that truly anyone can try

It’s been just about a week since the Great Squiggle Brow Phase of 2017, but somehow there’s already a new eyebrow trend taking over Instagram. “Braided” eyebrows have officially trumped the squiggle brow. The catch? They’re Photoshopped.  SEE ALSO: Thanks to ‘squiggle brows,’ your eyebrows can finally look like tiny snakes A post shared by...CONTINUE READING

Leslie Jones is having an extremely good 50th birthday so far

It’s Leslie Jones’ 50th birthday, and she’s celebrating appropriately.  At exactly 12:01 a.m., the comedian and Saturday Night Live star tweeted the following: IM 50 BITCHES!!! pic.twitter.com/2jQaMW9Hmw — Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) September 7, 2017 There’s cake! There’s a luxurious bathrobe! A choreographed birthday dance! If this isn’t the ultimate in birthday inspiration, then I’m sorry,...CONTINUE READING

The 5 least terrible ghost hunting apps for your phone, reviewed

Before you move into a new home, you need to ask yourself one question: Are there dead people here who want to destroy my sh*t? Hunting ghosts was once the province of experts and moron football players in R.L. Stine novels. Now, thanks to an explosion of paranormal shows and app developers eager to capitalize...CONTINUE READING

New York City schools will now offer free lunch to every kid who wants it

New York City may be littered with gluten-loving rats and paved with chicken bone highways, but if there’s one thing the city’s occasionally good at, it’s policy. The city’s school Chancellor Carmen Fariña recently announced that free lunch would now be available to the city’s 1.1 million students, regardless of income level. Previously, free lunch...CONTINUE READING

50 reasons why Leslie Jones is a national treasure on this, her 50th birthday

Maybe you know her strictly from Saturday Night Live, or maybe it’s her standup routine that’s left you with an aching side from laughing to hard. Regardless of how you were introduced to the comedic genius that is Leslie Jones, it’s safe to say the world is a better—and tremendously funnier—place because of her existence....CONTINUE READING

Watch an enormous snake make the biggest plot twist when it decides to rescue itself

We all know snakes can be scary, but sometimes they can be pretty surprising, too. They can be super unpleasant especially because they can sneak up out nowhere, like this male carpet python did on someone’s deck in Australia.  But once the snake removers were called in, things took a turn. The interesting thing about...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel interviews the Irish family that hilariously tried to catch a bat in their kitchen

The family from this week’s best viral bat-based video appeared live on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  SEE ALSO: Watch this Irish family’s hilarious attempt to catch a bat in their home Kimmel manages to upstage himself, not only because he manages to confuse Ireland and Scotland with a Braveheart joke, but because the Fleming family...CONTINUE READING
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