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Please stop sharing photos of Justin Trudeau at Pride, it’s making the world jealous

Who needs lengthy speeches and thoughtful public statements when you can say all you want to say with a pair of social justice socks? Sporting a pair of Ramadan-themed socks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family demonstrated their support for both the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community at Toronto’s Pride celebration yesterday. Not...CONTINUE READING

Our bodies hurt watching this dude down four In-N-Out 4x4s in 3 minutes flat

Ahead of Tuesday’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, competitive eater Matt Stonie took a break from hot dog prep in favor of four massive, 4×4 In-N-Out burgers. In just 3 minutes, Stonie downs 16 cheese-draped patties with just a little help from a giant diet coke. We’ve got phantom heartburn just watching this. Now, back...CONTINUE READING

Spike, the giant stag beetle is the true Picasso of the insect world

Our tiny insect friends have a few notable talents:  digging in dirt, crawling on walls, and, apparently, creating artistic masterpieces. We now know that stag beetles can make quite the little artists, thanks to Twitter user mandy @ japan and her pet stag beetle, Spike. Mandy posted a few pictures on Twitter that show off...CONTINUE READING

Sorry internet, Taylor Swift doesn’t ride around in a suitcase

Taylor Swift has probably traveled using almost every mode of transportation available—but a suitcase? Sorry folks, but that’s (unfortunately) fake news.  Radio station Spin 1038 published an article Monday based on paparazzi photos from Splash, a celebrity news agency, which showed two men carrying a suitcase with the caption, “Taylor Swift has been reportedly being...CONTINUE READING
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