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Uh, there’s a ‘Broadway’-style cover of ‘Despacito’ now

Of the many “Despacito” populating YouTube, this one is by far the most…unusual.  The reggaeton summer anthem just became a Broadway number thanks to Hamilton songstress Mandy Gonzalez and musician Tony DeSare.  Gonzalez’s spectacular pipes go hand-in-hand with DeSare’s smooth voice. If we had to make one suggestion, though, DeSare may need practice rolling his...CONTINUE READING

Hugh Hefner’s death sparked Twitter praise and criticism from celebrities

The announcement of Hugh Hefner’s death on Wednesday sparked a wide range of emotions from those who knew the controversial figure personally and those who just read the articles of Playboy magazine.  Hefner was known for being the publishing phenomenon behind Playboy and the sexual revolutionary behind a hedonistic lifestyle. While many celebrated their positive...CONTINUE READING

Somehow, Hugh Hefner’s death has brought back together Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

There’s nothing like the death of a revolutionary and problematic fave to bring back together a friendship. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were the it-girls and BFFs of the early 2000s (remember when Paris made Kim clean her closet?), and while they have had a fraught relationship in recent years, Kardashian mentioned on Twitter that...CONTINUE READING

Jaw-dropping beatboxers cover ‘Despacito’, your song of the summer

Okay, so you’re probably tired of hearing Luis Fonsi’s hit “Despacito”— featuring Justin Bieber’s rough, yet catchy, attempt at Spanish singing. And maybe you’re tired of hearing covers of overplayed songs. But trust us— this version of the reggaeton ditty is worth it. Korean beatboxers Hiss and Bigman nail the song’s insistent beat, singing the...CONTINUE READING

There’s a new ‘Skyrim’ survival mode because fantasy warriors need food, too

Behold the mighty Dovahkiin, hero of Skyrim! There they stand — oh wait no actually they’re curled up in a foetal position, shivering due to acute hypothermia and malnutrition… SEE ALSO: ‘Skyrim’ player’s dating life is literally all of us It’s been six years since Skyrim first graced our consoles, but yesterday Bethesda announced an...CONTINUE READING

A.R.S.E., the Australian space agency name we could only dream of

While there’s plenty of talk and excitement over Australia’s forthcoming space agency, there are still plenty of unanswered questions over the details. Most important of all details? The name of the agency. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk will give a big SpaceX talk about Mars this week. Here’s what we know Fortunately, someone out there has...CONTINUE READING

Justin Bieber shares that he wants to be as cool as Jaden Smith — and we don’t blame him

Most people want to be as cool as Justin Bieber, except Bieber. He let us all know on Wednesday afternoon that he wants to be as cool as Jaden Smith.  The singer posted an Instagram post with an adorably earnest caption, revealing to the world that he aspires to reach the levels of effortless swag...CONTINUE READING

Everything you need to know about the cartoon villain who is Roy Moore

If I were a movie director and some intern passed a script to me that featured a candidate like Roy Moore, I would send them back to Oberlin immediately.  Audiences simply wouldn’t believe that a caricature like this existed IRL.   Alas, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is just as bad as every post...CONTINUE READING

A mug of Oreo-flavored hot cocoa could be in your future

Search Pinterest for “Oreo hot chocolate” and you’ll find pages of recipes calling for food processors or artfully crushed cookies or homemade whipped cream no one really has time for.  Now Oreo’s cutting out the hard work and offering its own brand of cookie-infused hot cocoa mix. The product — spotted at Walmart — first...CONTINUE READING
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