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Velcro puts out music video begging you to stop calling those Velcro fasteners ‘Velcro’

Velcro’s legal team really really needs you to stop calling those Velcro-type fasteners Velcro. Because it’s infringing its trademark, and making its lawyers cry. In fact, Velcro is so desperate to get the word out that it’s put out a music video explaining that the proper name for “velcro” is hook and loop fasteners. Catchy....CONTINUE READING

97-year-old WWII veteran takes a knee in support of black athletes’ right to protest

There’s never an age limit when it comes to fighting for what you believe in.  Brennan Gilmore tweeted a photo Sunday of his 97-year-old grandfather, John Middlemas, kneeling in support of the #TakeAKnee movement, started by former San Francisco 49ers football player Colin Kaepernick in 2016 over police violence against African Americans.  President Donald Trump’s...CONTINUE READING

Football announcers go nuts after a squirrel interrupts a game to run in for a touchdown

Animals interrupting sporting events are often times even better than the games themselves. The crowd went wild during a football game between Kent State University and University of Louisville on Saturday – but it wasn’t the players they were rooting for. SEE ALSO: There’s another Pizza Squirrel giving Pizza Rat a run for his money...CONTINUE READING

Oh noo: FEMA accidentally tweeted the number of a sex hotline

There are a lot of ways to help those affected by Hurricane Irma. FEMA accidentally tweeting the phone number of a sex hotline instead of an Irma helpline, though? That’s decidedly unhelpful. SEE ALSO: How to prepare for natural disasters Per the Miami Herald, the official Twitter account for FEMA Region 4 accidentally directed followers...CONTINUE READING

This working Nintendo Switch helmet raises the bar for cosplayers everywhere

Cosplay is already an art form, but this Tokyo Game Show attendee just raised the bar for everyone. What you’re seeing is a person wearing an oversized Nintendo Switch replica on their head, complete with a working screen. There’s presumably a Switch on the inside of this contraption since we can see what looks like...CONTINUE READING

When a power company gets a letter from a little girl asking for a hamster, magic happens

Just when you think you’ve lost hope in the world, a group of people came together over the weekend to make a young girl’s wish come true.  Utility company Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco) accidentally received an 8-year-old girl’s letter asking for a hamster from Petco, an animal supply company, which only makes sense since...CONTINUE READING

Former astronaut and NFL player bashes Trump with the perfect takedown

Leland Melvin — former astronaut, NFL player, engineer, author, and owner of the best damn official NASA photo of all time — shared a perfect takedown of President Donald Trump to his Facebook page on Saturday. In his post, Melvin condemned Trump for many of his recent actions, calling them both “boorish and disgusting.” The...CONTINUE READING

Since no one else will, I’m taking it upon myself to be the Scrooge of fall

Everyone’s favorite season is finally here. A time of perfect weather, vibrant leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes — I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love fall. But, I won’t settle.  For every favorite season, there must be a Scrooge to even out the playing field. Any takers? No? Well not to worry, I took...CONTINUE READING
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