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Who knew sitting on the couch with an icepack could project such a scary shadow?

Look, when your head hurts, you don’t want to think about what you look like, and you especially don’t care what shadow you give off. On Reddit, user cdnchef was having a headache, so his girlfriend gave him an icepack. She then freaked out over the veryyyy familiar shadow that he cast on the wall...CONTINUE READING

Thieving teens return stolen bike with an apology letter and full tank of gas

Canada, your reputation for being polite and saying sorry proceeds you, even when it comes to people who were up to no good. On July 29, Mel Flesher from British Columbia, Canada, posted a plea on Facebook for anyone to help find her boyfriend’s kids’ motorbike.  It was a sweet yellow Yamaha that she discovered...CONTINUE READING

Toddler scares the crap out of her dad playing video games

Sometimes, you just need your daughter to scare the living shit out of you in order to make the internet pay attention. Twitch streamer JurassicJunkieLive has been streaming his gaming sessions for about two months now but, with only a small following of about 100 people, not many people took note. Not until, that is,...CONTINUE READING

Relatable baby flamingo is trying very hard to be an adult

If you think a small baby flamingo desperately trying to adult sounds adorable, congratulations. You are a genius and you are absolutely correct. Here’s the little bird in question. It’s currently living at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary, where it is enchanting visitors and the internet alike by being 1) fluffy and 2) extremely leggy. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Hobby Lobby buying smuggled Iraqi artifacts is too much for the internet to handle

Hobby Lobby, the store that sells picture frames and wicker baskets to your grandmother, was just punished for buying ancient artifacts smuggled out of modern-day Iraq. Like the villain in the world’s worst Indiana Jones movie (“It belongs in a museum!”), the company snatched up thousands of cuneiform tablets and clay bullae, which were moved...CONTINUE READING
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