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UPS is getting dragged for a great Scrooge-y tweet

We’re not sure who slipped something nasty into UPS’s egg nog on Sunday, but the shipping company is facing backlash over a tongue-in-cheek tweet that went a bit too far into Grinch territory. The now-deleted tweet was posted Sunday afternoon and read like something Scrooge McDuck would dictate.  Image: mashable screenshotOof, that’s the sort of...CONTINUE READING

Hacker makes use of web meme to ship hidden instructions to malware

A recently discovered piece of malware has a unique way of communicating with its creator—through an internet meme posted on Twitter. The mysterious hacker has been using the “What if I told you” meme to secretly tell a Windows-based strain of malware when to grab screenshots from infected PCs, according to security firm Trend Micro....CONTINUE READING

Stressed out? Purchase a Muji pen. Agree with us.

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. I handle stress like any good American living in this late stage capitalist hell: with retail therapy.  Except I don’t really have the budget for a proper Gossip Girl-type blowout shopping spree, and the thought of dropping the equivalent of...CONTINUE READING

40 simple (and unfastened) tactics to really feel festive this vacation season

There’s a lot of pressure around the holiday season. It’s full of things for which it’s easy to have overblown expectations — New Year’s Eve, for example, and the unintentional friendship quality metric known as “giving gifts.” Not helping: the state of the world, which is bad. It’s understandable, then, if you’re not feeling particularly...CONTINUE READING

Let just a little mild into your global with this transferring tale about Charles Barkley’s pal

Here I am, sitting at my work desk on a Saturday and sobbing uncontrollably. The social media savvy among you might be noticing a lot of posts mentioning a story about former NBA star Charles Barkley and his friend, Lin Wang. I’m here to tell you that you should listen to all this unasked-for advice...CONTINUE READING

A duplicate of the Jonas Brothers’ ‘Burning Up’ mockingly survived a space hearth

The powers that be have a sick sense of humor.  When the Gregory family went back to their house to survey the wreckage after it burned down, they found salvaged an ironic relic: a copy of the Jonas Brothers’ tour book titled “Burning Up.”  Yikes.  SEE ALSO: 8 ways you, a plebe, can celebrate Priyanka...CONTINUE READING

Glad Vacations, web: Listed below are five hilarious seasonal playing cards to ship your family members

The end of the year is almost here and I can’t think of better way to spread some holiday cheer than with a witty card. Since everyone is so *extremely online* all the time, this year, we decided to create some delightful internet and pop culture-inspired holiday cards for you to send your social media...CONTINUE READING

In fact Netflix’s new ‘watch that scene once more’ function pops up throughout ‘Shrek’

OK, let’s talk Shrek.  Right after Shrek and Donkey experience the highly interactive “Duloc Song” upon their arrival in Lord Farquaad’s kingdom, Donkey says, “Let’s do that again!” And now, if you agree with Donkey, you can do that again with just a click. Per TIME, Netflix is testing a feature that prompts users to...CONTINUE READING

YouTube publicizes it got rid of greater than 58 million movies remaining quarter

YouTube has released its latest transparency report on Thursday detailing the content its removed from the platform this past quarter.  The YouTube Community Guidelines report released on Thursday mainly focuses on videos that were removed from the site due to violations of the company’s policies. In total, YouTube removed more than 58 million videos between...CONTINUE READING
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