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Jimmy Fallon gleefully celebrates attaining an enormous YouTube milestone

In the battle for the most popular late night show, viewing figures are no longer the only metric. Nowadays there are plenty of ways to measure success, and YouTube is a big one. And despite the massive popularity of The Late Show with James Corden (which, despite only launching in 2015, has already passed 18...CONTINUE READING

The BRIT Awards completely roasted Fyre Pageant with this brutal parody

If you were wondering when the jokes about Fyre Festival are likely to stop, the answer would appear to be: not anytime soon. This year’s BRIT Awards took place on Wednesday, and the show wasted no time laying into the infamous festival that sparked two recent documentaries on Netflix and Hulu. The Awards show’s opening...CONTINUE READING

The place the 2020 presidential applicants stand on marijuana legalization

If there’s one thing that united Democrats and Republicans in the Reagan era (besides their unfortunate fixation with perms), it was their near universal hatred of weed. Everybody was a cop back then. Walter Mondale, the Democratic candidate for president in 1984, called for another “War on Drugs” — all drugsRonald Reagan, for his part,...CONTINUE READING

This Twitter thread of people that forgot phrases will make your day

No matter how intelligent you are, there’s always a chance a word will escape your brain right when you need it the most. A recent Twitter thread, started by Paul Coxon — a physicist in materials science at the University of Cambridge — proved that not even scholars with impressive degrees are immune to forgetting...CONTINUE READING

Good Lady Scout sells Samoas with the assistance of shirtless Jason Momoa

A brilliant Girl Scout knows her customers very well — what sells better than shirtless superheroes and clever puns? Look, the free market is tough, and when every other kid in your school is also hawking their sugar-laden wares, you have to do whatever it takes to stand out. From setting up shop in front...CONTINUE READING

Cat involves the rescue and unlocks door for its proprietor caught out of doors

Breaking news: A cat made itself useful. No, really!  When student Gabby Tropea found herself  accidentally locked out of her house, she decided to try the back sliding door. Unfortunately, that turned out to be locked, too. This is where Boco, her cat comes in. The rear door was locked with a wooden bar, which...CONTINUE READING

Overwhelm Twitter proves that from time to time subtweets will also be excellent

An Ode to… is a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too. Twitter is the very definition of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” but breaking the platform down into sections and focusing on your own specific interests makes it significantly more bearable....CONTINUE READING

Ken Jeong has some hilariously questionable solutions to Twitter’s scientific questions

Why bother asking a medical professional your sensitive medical questions when you can just ask Twitter? Since a lot of people apparently tweet out questions about their minor ailments, physician-turned-comedian Ken Jeong is here to provide the tweeters with answers, in a video for Wired.  Some of Jeong’s medical advice includes: “you should always lie...CONTINUE READING
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