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‘Westworld’ creators confirm robots poop, and other Season 2 info I guess

Ever since Philip K. Dick first asked the question Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and inspired countless sci-fi classics like Blade Runner, we’ve wondered about a much more important question regarding artificial biology. Do robots poop? SEE ALSO: ‘Westworld’ mobile game already available in Australia Luckily, the creators of Westworld took the time to...CONTINUE READING

The first reviews for ‘Westworld’ Season 2 seem cautiously optimistic

HBO’s labyrinthine robot western Westworld returns April 22. If the first five episodes are any indication, it’s going to be a multilayered bloodbath and we’ll love every minute.  Early reviews for Westworld Season 2 point to a show that’s more sure of itself, less tied down by the obligation to shock and surprise (though it...CONTINUE READING

‘Westworld’ mobile game already available in Australia

As the Westworld Season 2 premiere charges down the railroad tracks, the show’s new mobile game has landed on Android and iOS — in some countries, at least, including Australia. SEE ALSO: The creators of ‘Westworld’ trolled their fans spectacularly The game is a little Fallout Shelter, a little Westworld. You’re the new hire for...CONTINUE READING

‘Westworld’ Season 2’s intense trailer teases Shogun World

The official Westworld Season 2 trailer has finally arrived less than a month before its premier and it gives the world so many little teases to get hyped about and overanalyze. SEE ALSO: The hidden ‘Westworld’ website drove us insane – here’s everything we discovered Westworld Season 2 is reportedly going to be huge, and...CONTINUE READING

‘Westworld’ Season 2 makes Season 1 look like a ‘genteel kitchen drama’

The first season of Westworld was a wild ride full of twists, thrills, and existential mysteries, but it looks like that’s nothing compared to what Season 2 will be when it airs on April 22. SEE ALSO: The first photos from ‘Westworld’ Season 2 are here, and wow can it be April already Entertainment Weekly...CONTINUE READING

The first photos from ‘Westworld’ Season 2 are here, and wow can it be April already

We are so very close to returning to Westworld, which premieres on April 22. HBO just released the very first new images and they are as tantalizing as they are gorgeous. SEE ALSO: ‘Westworld’ creators settle fan debates over who actually died in Season 1 Some include interesting new developments that hint at where Season...CONTINUE READING

‘Westworld’ creators settle fan debates over who actually died in Season 1

These violent delights sure do have violent ends — but perhaps not with quite the finality we often expect from violence. The rule of TV and film is to always assume that anyone who dies off-screen is still alive. And it looks like that applies to Westworld Season 1. In an EW interview, creators Jonathan...CONTINUE READING
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