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Illegal animal trade uncovered on Facebook in Thailand

A wildlife trafficking watchdog is calling out Facebook for hundreds of listings of animals in Thailand. TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring organization, is releasing a report today detailing a multiyear investigation that monitored Facebook groups that facilitated the sale of wildlife. The listings included live and dead animals, as well as animal body parts according...CONTINUE READING

Striking photos show the ‘apocalyptic’ blaze engulfing UK moorland

Wildfires of “apocalyptic” proportions have engulfed Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester, northern England, for several days this week.  The blaze began on Sunday 24 June during a heatwave which saw temperatures across the UK rise to record highs.  The fires — which set seven square miles of grassland ablaze — have resulted in the greater Manchester...CONTINUE READING

From puffins to brown bears: The 10 best wildlife livestreams of the summer

Whether it’s a pair of hawks nesting over a bustling city, or a young lioness lounging in the sun, when technology and animals peacefully combine the results can be phenomenal.  SEE ALSO: A dominant brown bear has returned to the Alaska bear cam, seeking fish and females That idea is no better exemplified than in...CONTINUE READING

The discovery of the first known manta ray nursery was a happy accident

The world’s first confirmed manta ray nursery was found thanks to some good luck. Marine scientist Joshua Stewart, was working to connect the dots between manta ray populations that live near each other at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. SEE ALSO: Fishermen stumble upon a 16-foot manta ray...CONTINUE READING

Kangaroos hungry for carrots and McDonalds are attacking tourists

It goes without saying, but feeding wildlife can have unintended consequences. Tourists visiting the Australian town of Morisset have learnt the hard way, as the area’s large, wild kangaroo population has been responsible for an increasing number of attacks on visitors. SEE ALSO: A stuffed anteater just took down the winner of a wildlife photography...CONTINUE READING

We could see a decline in King Penguins thanks to — you guessed it — climate change

Climate change is leaving these Antarctic cuties in big trouble! The fish king penguins feed on are moving south towards colder waters, making it more difficult for breeding pairs to feed their chicks. Read more…More about Climate, Mashable Video, Wildlife, Conservation, and Global Warming html template by responsive html template mobile
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