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Will Smith finally tells the wild story of how he became the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’

If you thought you knew the story of how the Fresh Prince of Bel Air really came to be, forget that tale immediately. Will Smith has just given us all the real scoop of exactly what went down before he landed the iconic role that changed his life.  In his latest vlog, the legendary actor...CONTINUE READING

Will Smith tries to make out with Sophia the robot, and it does not go well

Budding YouTuber Will Smith isn’t afraid to churn out some weird content on his channel, including an attempt at getting frisky with a humanoid. In his most recent clip, Smith sets himself on a date in the Cayman islands with Sophia the robot, a humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics that uses artificial intelligence to interact...CONTINUE READING

Will Smith helps Jimmy Fallon relive the rich history of iconic TV theme songs

Besides hours of entertainment, TV has also blessed us with some pretty great and catchy theme songs. To pay homage to this great history, Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon sang some of television’s most iconic themes on The Tonight Show Thursday. Starting out with the classic intro to Golden Girls, the duo belted along to...CONTINUE READING

Even Fox News is embarrassed by this rap video made by Utah lawmakers

Millennial advisory warning: this video features corny imagery, subpar rhythm, and men who resemble your mall Santa Claus rapping to the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Utah’s mostly Republican lawmakers recently decided to create a Schoolhouse Rock!-inspired video about how a bill becomes a law. The video, set to the theme from...CONTINUE READING

‘Bright’, Will Smith’s poorly reviewed orc cop fantasy drama for Netflix, is getting a sequel

Netflix’s policy of renewing practically everything apparently applies to its movies, too. The streaming service has just announced a sequel to Bright, their fantasy feature starring Will Smith as a human cop and Joel Edgerton as his orc partner.  SEE ALSO: Chance the Rapper has some thoughts about ‘Bright,’ Will Smith’s new Netflix film The...CONTINUE READING
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Chance the Rapper has some thoughts about ‘Bright,’ Will Smith’s new Netflix film

Bright, starring Will Smith, hasn’t been received well by critics, including Chance the Rapper.  The movie, which is streaming on Netflix and currently has a 28 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is “Training Day meets Lord of the Rings,” as Smith described it. It was directed by David Ayer — the same dude who helmed...CONTINUE READING
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