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This charging hub can energy six gadgets without delay — and it is 25% off

Between your laptop, tablet, phone, earphones, and smartwatch, charging them all at once is one giant headache. Combine your collection of gadgets with that of your roommate/s’ or family’s, and you probably embark on your own mini World War III when one of you starts hogging all the outlets in the house. The only way...CONTINUE READING

Best possible wi-fi charging mats to shop for now that the AirPower is lifeless

Oh, Apple AirPower, we hardly knew you.  Actually, we didn’t know you at all.  On March 29, the tech company confirmed with Mashable that the much anticipated AirPower — its wireless charging mat that it announced was in the works in 2017 — would no longer be released due to unresolved technical issues. With the...CONTINUE READING

Apple simply canceled its AirPower wi-fi charger

It’s official: Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat is dead.  The company confirmed to Mashable it has canceled its high-anticipated AirPower charging mat announced in 2017. “After much effort, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards and we have cancelled the project,” Apple Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering Dan Riccio said. “We apologize...CONTINUE READING

Apple may after all unencumber AirPower quickly. No, severely, here is the proof.

Apple made some unusual plays this week. Ahead of Monday’s “it’s show time” event, where the iPhone maker is expected to announce subscription-based video and news services, it hastily unveiled a new iPad mini and iPad Air, iMacs with faster performance, and updated AirPods. Not a bad way to start spring! But there’s an elephant...CONTINUE READING

AirPods 2 may include tremendous rapid wi-fi charging

We’re starting to get a good picture of what Apple’s second-generation AirPods might look like. A new rumor suggests the tentatively named AirPods 2 might come with a wireless charging case — Apple promised the case along with AirPower way back at the iPhone X launch, but neither has shipped — that might be able...CONTINUE READING

nine wi-fi telephone chargers on sale at the moment for no just right explanation why

Cords are *so* 1882. No, literally — that’s the year Thomas Edison invented the first known power distribution system. (The more you know.)  With recent developments in Qi technology, which uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy, supported smartphones can now be charged wirelessly. No longer must our precious devices be tethered down by cords; these...CONTINUE READING

This wi-fi charger doubles as a stand and is on sale for not up to $30

Isn’t it funny that the more connected the world gets, the less we want to deal with wires? It already happened with wireless earphones. Humans in the 21st century now deem it more acceptable to have Q-tip-resembling audio devices sticking out of our ears for aural enjoyment. And besides, it eliminates the hassle of having...CONTINUE READING

This great gift for Apple fans (that isn’t AirPods) is on sale for 66% off

It’s a problem most Apple lovers know all too well: Any attempt to organize your chargers and wires leaves you with a convoluted mess of cables reminiscent of the Pokémon Tangela. Fortunately, that problem can be easily resolved with the iPM 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station, a premium device that can juice up an iPhone, an Apple Watch,...CONTINUE READING
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