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How an Instagram post about ‘saggy boobs’ led to a global movement to empower women

When Chidera Eggerue hit post on an Instagram photo of herself wearing a “really cute” yellow minidress at a party, she didn’t realise she had just started a global movement.  23-year-old Eggerue — who’s also known by her blogger pseudonym The Slumflower — had been sifting through her photos taken the night before when she...CONTINUE READING

Deepfakes are about to make revenge porn so much worse

This piece is part of an ongoing series exploring what it means to be a woman on the internet.  When the world realized late last year that you could convincingly superimpose one person’s face onto another person’s face in a video, it was because men used the “deepfake” technology to force their favorite actresses to...CONTINUE READING

Thousands of naked women ran into the sea in the world’s largest ever skinny dip

While you were sunning your buns in the garden this weekend, thousands of women rocked up naked on a beach in Ireland to break the record for the world’s largest skinny dip.  SEE ALSO: Hundreds of cheeky swimmers jumped into a freezing river for the winter solstice Over 2,500 women got down to their birthday...CONTINUE READING

Miss America could’ve never survived the #MeToo era if it kept scoring women’s bodies

The Miss America pageant this country has known for nearly a century is finally dead. Good riddance.  On Tuesday, Gretchen Carlson, Miss America 1989 and chair of the Miss America Organization, appeared on Good Morning America to deliver the news: The annual televised event is no longer a pageant but a competition, and women won’t...CONTINUE READING

Professor ranks ‘Star Wars’ movies for female character screen time and the results are very telling

A film studies professor ranked the Star Wars movies based on the screen time of female characters and, well, the results weren’t great.  Dr Rebecca Harrison — a lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow — undertook the somewhat mammoth task of analysing the screen time of female characters in the...CONTINUE READING

Queen Latifah delivers new Girl Scouts PSA highlighting history-making alum

Queen Latifah believes in the power of the Girl Scouts communities, and she’s here to deliver a PSA to girls around the world. The actress, musician, and Girl Scout alum narrated the organization’s empowering “Lifetime of Leadership” video, shining a spotlight on well-known scouts who’ve gone on to become activists and make history in technology,...CONTINUE READING

6 meaningful ways you can support all mamas on Mother’s Day

When you set aside the corporate gimmicks and ad campaigns, Mother’s Day is simply an opportunity to honor the mom — or mom-like figure — in your life for her sacrifices, wisdom, and love.  But it’s also a chance to think about motherhood in general and how we can support moms everywhere, regardless of whether...CONTINUE READING
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