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The ‘cool lady’ is not just a fictional stereotype. Girls really feel stressed to play this position when they are relationship.

Play it cool. Keep it breezy. Treat ’em mean. Don’t reply straight away. Be aloof. Be distant. Be hard to get. These are the rules you need to follow in order to be “The Cool Girl” — a prevalent dating trope that many women feel pressured to conform to lest they be labelled clingy or...CONTINUE READING

The right way to lend a hand give protection to abortion get right of entry to in states the place it is maximum threatened

Several states, including Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri have recently passed laws that effectively ban abortion. They prohibit the procedure just weeks into pregnancy and, in some cases, make providing abortion care punishable by a years-long prison sentence.  While these bills have yet to go into effect, and will likely be stalled by lawsuits challenging their...CONTINUE READING

How the ‘x’ changed into an indication of feminine unity within the age of harassment

One letter of the alphabet has more currency than all the others combined. That letter is “x”.  Unlike in mathematics, the value of “x” is known in the era of internet messagingThat “x” is most often used to convey a kiss when affixed to the end of a text, DM, or email.  And in an...CONTINUE READING

Exertions of Love app objectives to ease girls’s ‘psychological load’ by way of turning family chores right into a recreation

The so-called mental load, famously the subject of a viral comic about the domestic to-do list managed almost exclusively by women, is now the inspiration for a new appLabor of Love aims to make women feel appreciated for their unseen or unrecognized household multitasking while giving male partners a tool to take on much more...CONTINUE READING

Sports activities Illustrated first: Go well with factor options type dressed in a hijab and burkini

Somali-American model Halima Aden just made history as the first to ever wear a hijab and burkini in Sports Illustrated’s signature swimsuit issue. The 21-year-old will appear in the May 2019 issue of the magazine with a series photographed by Yu Tsai at Kenya’s Watamu Beach. For the shoot, Aden donned a collection of colourful...CONTINUE READING

All-male band Inexperienced Day writes ‘guide’ for rebellious ladies and nope we didn’t ask for this

Green Day, a band consisting of three men, has written a “handbook” for “every woman who refuses to capitulate.”  The book was illustrated by artist Frank Caruso, also a man. So yep, that makes four men and zero women authoring… a handbook aimed at women. You read that right.  SEE ALSO: 18 of the best...CONTINUE READING

The most efficient UK courting websites for ladies having a look to make a connection

The online world isn’t always the friendliest of places for women, particularly when it comes to trolling and misogyny on social media.  Navigating online dating presents a whole different set of challenges. Finding the right dating site can be tough task for starters. Naturally, every woman has very different desires when it comes to finding...CONTINUE READING
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