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The woman shaking up the conservative world of auctioneering

Auctioneering has always been a man’s world. Now women, like Helena Newman, Co-Head for Impressionist and Modern Art Worldwide at Sotheby’s, are putting the hammer down on this particular glass ceiling with elegance and poise.  Newman is also taking the auction for major evening sales (the fanciest and of highest value auctions) of impressionist and...CONTINUE READING

Here’s what women in tech actually think about their employers

We know the stats: women hold about 21 percent of technical jobs at Silicon Valley’s top companies.  Many of the women who make up that 21 percent have some feedback about their employers. According to a new report from the jobs site Comparably, the biggest tech companies—and their CEOs—don’t make it to the top of...CONTINUE READING

Project Entrepreneur expands accelerator program to help more women entrepreneurs build scalable companies

Since launching in 2015, Project Entrepreneur — a media partner of Mashable — has trained more than 1,200 aspiring entrepreneurs representing 131 U.S. cities. Its annual venture competition has yielded an alumnae community of nearly 400 women entrepreneurs, with the 2016 finalists reporting $10+ million raised in seed and pre-seed funding. Now entering its third...CONTINUE READING

Ashton Kutcher’s LinkedIn page shows exactly why sexism persists in tech

Actor, venture capitalist, and Uber investor Ashton Kutcher is trying to start a “dialog” around gender inequality in tech. Unfortunately, he may be going about it exactly the wrong way.  A post Thursday night on what appears to be Kutcher’s LinkedIn page (we have emails out to his venture firm and publicist to confirm) proposed...CONTINUE READING

Most of Square's small business loans are going to women

Square introduced Square Capital with the idea to help small business owners with more than just swiping credit cards. The loans, usually a few thousand dollars, help businesses that use Square stay afloat and stay ambitious.  At the end of Women’s History Month, Square has some interesting data about how its loans are being distributed....CONTINUE READING

12 unstoppable women who are making tech a better place for everyone

On this International Women’s Day, women are striking to make clear their value in the workplace, at home and beyond. That includes the tech world.  According to the Department of Labor, only 26 percent of people employed in computer and mathematics jobs are women. And a big chunk of that 26 percent comes from outside...CONTINUE READING

Stitch Fix’s IPO was… fine. It was fine.

Stitch Fix debuted on the stock market on Friday, and while things didn’t go quite as well as expected, they still went pretty smoothly.  The clothing and personal styling subscription service raised $120 million in its initial public offering—making the transition from venture-funded startup to publicly traded on Wall Street—with an opening price of $16.90...CONTINUE READING

Dollar Shave Club finally has a real competitor for women’s shaving

Dollar Shave Club, which is basically just razors sold through the mail, sold for $1 billion. The subscription razor delivery service offers its wholesale-cost shaving products for anyone who wants to use them—but it’s still mostly marketed for men.  That’s why the founders of Billie, a new startup, think they have a way into the...CONTINUE READING

SheEO has a plan to build a $1 billion fund for female founders

Most crowdfunding platforms fund individual ideas. And most organizations use microfinance to support entrepreneurs in the developing world.  One group of investors thinks both those techniques could help elevate another overlooked group: female founders.  The group investing platform SheEO is connecting crowdfunding with microfinance to back five female-led startups a year. The name SheEO might...CONTINUE READING
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