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‘Grown-ish’ actress Yara Shahidi will get her personal Barbie

When Barbie told 19-year-old Yara Shahidi that the company wanted to gift her a one-of-a-kind “shero” doll made in her likeness, the Grown-ish actress was stunned.  “It’s really surreal just because this was never within my realm of possibility. I never thought, ‘Oh yeah, one day I’ll have my own doll’ or anything like that,”...CONTINUE READING

10 Global Girls’s Day tweets that can encourage and empower you

International Women’s Day, held every year on March 8, is a global event that honors women and pushes for equality and women’s rights. To celebrate, you’ll want to spread the word on social media about its message of justice. Whether you craft something of your own or retweet a post from a nonprofit, it’s important...CONTINUE READING

9 books to read if you’re mad as hell at the patriarchy

The list of reasons for women to be angry right now is long. Really long. When women, especially black women, protest and express their anger, they are written off as hysterical or emotional. Meanwhile, white, privileged men like Brett Kavanaugh can yell before the Senate Judiciary Committee and receive a lifetime appointment to the Supreme...CONTINUE READING

The world isn’t ready to trust angry women. This book wants to change that.

In the women’s final of the U.S. open, the world came face-to-face with the righteous rage of a woman on live television. What came next, however, proved that society and the media were more irked by Serena Williams’ expression of anger and more interested in discussing her on-court decorum than interrogating the reasons behind the...CONTINUE READING

Ireland to vote on removing ‘woman’s place in the home’ clause from constitution

The Republic of Ireland will hold a referendum on an article in its Constitution which states a woman’s place in “in the home.”  SEE ALSO: Prepare to sob at these moving stories of people travelling home for Ireland’s abortion vote Article 41.2 of the Irish Constitution, which was created in 1937, stipulates that: “The State...CONTINUE READING

Where to mobilize if you want to see Trump crumble in 2018

In high school, we learned that the founding fathers designed a system of checks and balances to keep a future erratic president from ever abusing their power. That was cute. By now, Americans have realized that the Republicans will let Trump get away with anything if he brings them closer to their ultimate fantasy: robbing...CONTINUE READING

7 influential feminists share the most powerful thing about being a woman

If you’re a woman, you’re used to people trying to steal your power. But even in the face of constant sexism, bias and discrimination, women rise. We’re constantly under threat, but we stare down the most intense hatred with resolve, perseverance and strength. Our experiences as women may be different, but our power is unifying....CONTINUE READING

Want to know what your vagina’s rights are? This site can help.

Having a vagina doesn’t feel like it comes with great perks these days, but there are still a few benefits available to those of us who have them, believe it or not. Thankfully there’s a new website to help us navigate what exactly theses benefits are. The helpfully named VaginaBenefits.com is put together by TIA,...CONTINUE READING

Short film celebrates the powerful connection between generations of activists

It’s crucial to value and learn from the work of older activists, especially as the resistance builds and strengthens during the Trump era. A moving new short film called Together We Rise celebrates the importance of intergenerational activism, and recognizes the trailblazers of decades past. In less than two minutes, the largely silent film illustrates...CONTINUE READING
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