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Male Hollywood type James Cameron dismisses ‘Wonder Woman’ as just more male Hollywood BS

We’ve spilled an awful lot of digital ink over the past few months over the glory that is Wonder Woman: how good it is, how hard everyone worked to get here, how many records it’s broken, what it means to women to see ourselves reflected onscreen. But everyone has her detractors, even Diana Prince. And...CONTINUE READING

Google’s new Wonder Woman project teaches young girls the superpower of coding

After an exciting build up, Warner Brothers’ new Wonder Woman movie finally debuted in theaters on Friday. But Wonder Woman isn’t only taking over the big screen. In anticipation of the new film, Google Play and Made with Code teamed up with Warner Brothers to create a new Wonder Woman themed-coding tutorial to give young...CONTINUE READING

‘Wonder Woman’ trailer wins Best of Show at the Golden Trailer Awards

Wonder Woman is the summer gift that keeps on winning. Warner Bros.’ hit came smashing through a box office wall just last weekend, but already it’s got a golden hunk of hardware to hang in the great tower: Top prize at the Golden Trailer Awards. SEE ALSO: ‘Wonder Woman’ is the most inspiring superhero movie...CONTINUE READING

Bobby Moynihan announces he’s expecting a girl with an adorable ‘Wonder Woman’ post

Wonder Woman has captured the hearts of audiences of all ages. In fact, Bobby Moynihan is wondering if the film is age-appropriate for those that haven’t even been born yet. Moynihan, who is expecting a child with his wife, Brynn O’Malley, took to Instagram on Tuesday to reach out to the Wonder Woman director Patty...CONTINUE READING

Watch this man transform into Wonder Woman before your very eyes

You don’t need super strength or the ability to fly to be Wonder Woman. All you really need is a wig and some really great contouring skills. Actor, TV host, model, and impersonator Paolo Ballesteros is famous for his incredible makeup transformations. You’ve no doubt seen him turn into Caitlyn Jenner and the characters from...CONTINUE READING

Kingsman, Wonder Woman, and Harrison Ford: Here’s what the movie studios are bringing to Comic-Con 2017

Strap in, fellow nerds: Comic-Con is upon us again. Which means that for the next five days, we can all expect an avalanche of stuff to come out of San Diego – trailers and announcements and surprise appearances and the like.  SEE ALSO: Here’s the Comic Con survival kit that everyone will need this weekend...CONTINUE READING
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