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Get this function environment planner on sale for 30% off

We’re the first ones to admit that we geek out on day planners as much as the next person, but we often fall prey to notebooks that don’t have any substance. As long as there’s a motivational quote flanked on the cover in pretty typography, we’re sold! The disappointment occurs later when we eventually find...CONTINUE READING

five distinctive notebooks that’ll can help you keep on with your 2019 resolutions

If you’re finding it borderline impossible to check items off your 2019 to-do list, you’re not alone: An analysis conducted by the project management platform Redbooth revealed that people complete just 7.2% of their yearly tasks in January, making it the least productive month of the whole year. “This may be because the early year...CONTINUE READING

6 causes I not subscribe to ‘New Yr, New You’ BS

And now for “27 ways to feel bad about yourself while the last piece of Christmas pudding you’ve ‘indulged’ in is still making its way through your intestinal tract…” As the new year dawns, you’ll notice that without ANY space to breathe whatsoever, what was once a newsfeed saturated with sequins, pints and party platters...CONTINUE READING

12 binge-worthy podcasts that debuted in 2018

Luckily for commuters, the rampaging wave of podcasts has not ebbed in 2018, with a host of newbies to keep your ears intrigued this year. From tracking the elusive Bigfoot and surviving a year in fake Mars, to investigating ISIS and solving a 37-year-old murder case, these podcasts will leave quite the impression during your...CONTINUE READING

Place of work sneakers will make your nine-to-five exponentially higher

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. Office life isn’t always the most pleasant. There’s the coffee you inevitably spill while walking up the stairs, the lunch that disappears from the fridge, the temperature that’s always either “Arctic tundra” or “unadulterated hellfire.” But there is one way...CONTINUE READING

Sleep like a child with this luxe bamboo sheet set that simply went on sale

If “seeing visions of sugarplums” is code for “getting restful sleep,” you’d hope it’s happening more than just on Christmas Eve. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a third of us don’t get enough slumber (at least seven hours per night) on a regular basis, which can lead to chronic conditions...CONTINUE READING

Glance, chopsticks are without equal software for snacking at your laptop

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. We’ve all been there: You’re typing away at your keyboard, busily getting stuff done, and suddenly you hunger for a snack. You’re like, hmmm, I sure would love to grab a bag of chips and devour each and every delicious,...CONTINUE READING

Gifts for your snobby friends that you can actually afford

Perhaps there is a person in your life for whom finding a gift is a little … intimidating. They’re super picky, they’re detail-oriented, and, frankly, they hate a bunch of stuff.  Congrats! You know a snob. Fortunately, there are affordable gifts out there that even the snobbiest of snobs will enjoy. Design snobs, coffee snobs,...CONTINUE READING

Stay in one of the world’s most remote and Instagram-worthy locations for free

People like to say that they’re “off the grid” when they don’t check social media for a week. Residents in the town of Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland probably laugh at that expression. Want to stay there for free? Keep reading. Your clickbait senses might be tingling, but we’re dead serious hereHotels.com has an impressive new addition to...CONTINUE READING
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