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Pick up the world’s first smart ukulele and teach yourself how to play

Centuries before twee Zooey Deschanel lookalikes started strumming YouTube covers of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a musician named Joao Fernandez hopped off a boat in Honolulu Harbor. The year was 1879, and Fernandez — along with other Portuguese immigrants — just completed a four-month, 12,000-mile journey from the ailing Atlantic island of Madeira to tropical Hawaii.  Fernandez is...CONTINUE READING

A pack of this ridiculously strong and fast-drying glue is on sale for $18

Whenever you hear the word “glue,” you probably think of those cute — albeit sloppy — arts and crafts projects you created as a kid. You know, the totally unsightly ones that your parents proudly hung on the refrigerator. Or maybe you think of your last DIY project that went really, really wrong.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

This incredible, inkless pen is on sale for less than $30

You may not be a massively famous, universally beloved celebrity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hand out autographs. To maximize your efficiency, you’re going to need a writing instrument that won’t run out of ink — something like the Omega AXL Inkless Pen.  SEE ALSO: Learn to build your own robots, plus snag a DIY...CONTINUE READING

Get access to some 900 online courses for $49 during the mega sale

We’re already in the fourth quarter of 2018. Can you believe? It just seems like just yesterday that your eyes were twinkling with enthusiasm as you listed all your goals for the year. You swore you’d finally find the time to learn new skills so you can leave your dead-end job, but fast forward to...CONTINUE READING

Black Friday 2018 ads are already dropping and we are not even surprised

It’s happening. The first Black Friday ad scans are coming through.  Dollar Tree is the first we’ve seen thanks to BlackFriday.com, which is basically a police scanner for deals to help you create your plan of attack. (Note: Mashable and BlackFriday.com are owned by the same parent company.) Sale items include holiday decor, wrapping paper,...CONTINUE READING

#MeToo has sparked a big shift in attitudes towards harassment, new research shows

#MeToo. Those were the two words that started a revolution. One year on from the outpouring of profoundly personal stories about sexual harassment and violence, research has found that the movement prompted a major shift in people’s attitude’s towards harassment.  SEE ALSO: Women over 50 see sexual harassment very differently than millennials New research by...CONTINUE READING

Get access to over 5,000 design icons for $19 with this sale

From the walk sign at every street corner to the now universal WiFi symbol, icons are the language of the world.  Thanks to icons, we’re able to navigate foreign streets, stay organized, and whittle down a myriad of thoughts and feelings to cheeky emojis. So if you’re going to spruce up your blog, launch an...CONTINUE READING
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