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An target market member attacked Bret Hart all the way through his WWE Corridor of Status speech

Pro wrestling star Bret “The Hitman” Hart is reportedly OK after a fan — if you can call him that — attacked the wrestler during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday night. Hart was mid-speech when the man, whose name is Zachary Madsen, leapt onto the stage, grabbed Hart, and pulled him to the...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver’s deep dive into the way in which WWE treats its wrestlers is lovely surprising

Wrestling, as John Oliver makes clear in the video above, is ridiculously fun to watch. It just is. But it’s not without its problems. In a 20-minute monologue for Last Week Tonight, Oliver breaks down the issues faced by those working under billionaire Vince McMahon at the WWE. “The shocking thing about McMahon and his...CONTINUE READING

Here’s why WWE fans are talking about the mysterious disappearance of a Saudi Arabian journalist

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi and reports of the Saudi government’s involvement with his possible murder has resulted in outrage, but it’s also had an impact on a group you may not have suspected: fans of WWE. As more is uncovered about Khashoggi’s disappearance, fans of the wrestling promotion...CONTINUE READING

It looks like the Undertaker has wrestled his last match, and we're having all the feels

When the WWE universe woke up Monday morning still groggy after a terrific (if long) WrestleMania 33 on Sunday night, there was more than a hint of sadness. The Era of the Undertaker had come to an end.  In the main event of Sunday’s sports entertainment spectacular, the new love-him-or-hate-him face of the company, Roman...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s White House feuds are even better reimagined as a pro-wrestling special

We’re just weeks away from the WWE’s annual late-summer smörgåsbord of professional sports entertainment, SummerSlam. But for all the hype of the second-biggest pro wrestling show of the year (behind spring’s WrestleMania), the real feuds are simmering in Washington, D.C. While stories about a White House at war with itself have been circulating for months,...CONTINUE READING