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Benedict Cumberbatch gives advice on respecting girls and bullying to teen YouTuber

Most junkets don’t involve being interviewed by teenagers, but Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t play by the rules! SEE ALSO: Avengers assemble on Twitter to help terminally ill little boy Cumberbatch was interviewed by YouTuber Sophia Grace, who is 14 years old. She got the Sherlock star to give his thoughts on a range of teenager-relevant topics,...CONTINUE READING

Dad gets adorably interrupted by daughter mid-way through YouTube engineering video

An engineering video about a trochoid pump might not be something you’d ordinarily watch (unless of course you had a trochoid pump-related issue that needed resolving). But when the YouTuber narrating it suddenly gets interrupted by his daughter halfway through, it becomes a must-see. SEE ALSO: Dad and daughter Girl Scout cookie song is simply...CONTINUE READING

YouTuber addresses cultural stereotypes about interracial relationships

Making videos on the internet comes hand in hand with receiving mean and abusive comments. And, sometimes these comments can be extremely personal.  But, YouTuber Natalie Tran was not prepared for the reactions and comments she receives about being an Asian woman in an interracial relationship. So, she decided to address the stereotypes surrounding her...CONTINUE READING

YouTuber films her family and friends’ reactions as she comes out and it’s so heartwarming

A YouTuber showed her friends and family’s reactions as she came out to them as bisexual in an emotional video.  In the video, vlogger Elle Mills filmed herself several days before she came out and tearfully spoke about her feelings of worry and fear about loved ones’ reactions.  “I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little...CONTINUE READING

Teen makes a terrible, terrible mistake in letting friend choose her first tattoo

Friends don’t let friends make tattoo decisions. Elle Mills, a YouTuber and student, wanted to make a series of “first time” videos for her channel. Her friend, Tavian Palacios, had recently gotten a tattoo and suggested Mills get one for the first video of the series. SEE ALSO: Say goodbye to YouTube’s long, unskippable ads...CONTINUE READING

American YouTube prankster gets charged for trespassing in Thailand

A popular American YouTuber has been given a misdemeanour charge in Thailand, after he posted a viral video of himself placing coins on a railway for trains to run over. 23-year-old Nathan Bartling, popularly known by his channel My Mate Nate, was charged this week with trespassing. SEE ALSO: Living near YouTube bro Jake Paul...CONTINUE READING

Pictures of YouTube bro Jake Paul’s new $6.9 million house are here

Bad news for the people living in Los Angeles’ Calabasas city. YouTube star Jake Paul, who recently made life hell for his West Hollywood neighbours, has moved into a huge mansion in the wealthy neighbourhood. Paul announced his purchase of the 15,000 sq ft mansion on Oct. 13, featuring the house with a distinct metal...CONTINUE READING

YouTuber’s advent calendar for tweens was terrible and her excuse was even worse

Brits are raging over the price of Zoella’s advent calendar. And, the mass fury doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. People are more pissed off than ever before after the YouTuber released a new vlog in which she attempted to address the criticism of her pricey advent calendar.  SEE ALSO: YouTube star Zoella...CONTINUE READING
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