Celine Dion wore a shirt that says ‘the biggest prick’

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Oh what do you know, Celine Dion did something perfect. 
The icon, who has a storied history of wearing graphic sweatshirts, took the stage in Copenhagen Thursday night wearing a fun tee scribbled with messages like “love,” “the biggest prick,”and “your soul?” It’s torn in just the right places, like a shirt that’s dealt with a lot of pricks. 
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Details of a good shirtImage: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
Who is the biggest prick?Image: Dave J Hogan/Getty ImagesLike any good diva, she completed the look with a sparkly suit. The jacket was casually tied around her waist, because Dion is letting loose! Read more…More about Music, Fashion, Pop Star, Live Music, and Celine Dion

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