<div>5 pocket-sized gadgets that'll help you eat healthier</div>

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Maybe you do it for social justice, or environmental sustainability, a food allergy, or some other reason. For those of us who endeavor to eat conscientiously and in line with certain values — whatever the rationale — staying on the wagon, and knowing what we’re eating is what we’re told it is, can be difficult.
Can we be sure that this scone contains absolutely zero gluten? That this “spring water” is free of contaminants? That the fish in the fridge hasn’t spoiled?
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In a word, no — not 100 percent. But thanks to technology, we’re getting considerably closer to near-complete assurance that our food is as safe and clean as advertised. Here are five gadgets invented to give those of us who “eat our values” a bit more peace of mind, whether we’re at home, out at a restaurant, in the supermarket, or at the farmer’s market. (Spoiler: you’ve probably got one of these in your pocket right now.) Read more…More about Healthy, Healthy Eating, Food, Gadgets, and Tech

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