<div>A 'Tattoo Fixers' contestant was stuck with yet another ink disaster</div>

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A woman who went on Tattoo Fixers to improve her ink was sadly stuck with another permanent mistake.
Guest Kat signed up for the show to fix her “YOGDO” thigh tattoo (“YOGDO,” naturally, means “you only get divorced once”). Acclaimed tattoo fixer Alice Perrin brainstormed a delightful Alice in Wonderland-inspired design featuring a pocketwatch, flowers and a teacup.
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All’s well that ends well, right? Not so fast. Along the way, Perrin somehow forgot that nine and 11 are two separate Roman numerals.

#TattooFixers going to have to do another cover up on this one… two 11s and no 9???? pic.twitter.com/AD3AS5MxDW
— Gareth Baldwin (@GazziB) September 6, 2016 Read more…
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