<div>Apple Watch Series 2 ticks all the boxes except the 'wow' factor</div>

SAN FRANCISCO — Wearing the Apple Watch Series 2 is nothing new. That is, it doesn’t inspire much in the way of “wow” moments where you can see, hear or feel something different. It’s a new Apple Watch, same as the old Apple Watch.
That’s not really true, of course. The Series 2, which starts at $369, has a new chip that makes it faster than original Apple Watch, now called Apple Watch Series 1. It also has a brighter screen (1,000 nits! Uh… what’s a nit again?) and built-in GPS. There’s also a Nike+ version for runners and new stylish looks for the designer Hermès editions. And the Series 2 comes in another material besides aluminum and stainless steel: ceramic, with a white, glossy exterior that looks just gorgeous. Read more…More about Smartwatches, Wearables, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch, and Tech

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