<div>Baby humpback whales star in new PBS series 'Forces of Nature'</div>

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The same process that turns the ocean blue also helps humpback whales find the coziest spot for raising their precious 1-ton calves.
Water molecules absorb all the colored photons of light (red, orange, yellow, blue) and the photons’ energy. Water then turns that color energy into heat — precisely what the blubber-less calves need to grow strong.
PBS explores this interplay between color and energy in its new series Forces of Nature, which premieres Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. ET.
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In an exclusive clip shared with Mashable, scientists explain why the Dominican Republic is one of the few breeding and calving zones of the North Atlantic humpback whale. Read more…More about Animal Videos, Whales, Forces Of Nature, Pbs, and Endangered Species

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