<div>'Birth of a Nation' star Gabrielle Union: 'I cannot take these allegations lightly'</div>

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The Birth of a Nation star Gabrielle Union, longtime advocate for sexual assault victims and herself a survivor, says she’s experiencing “stomach-churning confusion” about allegations against Nate Parker — but is still urging people to see the movie.
“As important and ground-breaking as this film is, I cannot take these allegations lightly,” Union wrote Friday in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times.
Parker, whose adaptation of the Nat Turner Rebellion sold for a record $17.5 million after a rapturous reception at Sundance, has seen his Oscar hopes blunted after addressing 1999 rape allegation. Parker was acquitted, while Nation co-writer Jean Celestin’s conviction was later vacated. Read more…More about Rape Culture, Sexual Assault, The Birth Of A Nation, Nate Paker, and Celebrities

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