<div>Black and white: Why Megan Rapinoe's support for Colin Kaepernick is so important</div>

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If it’s true that sports can be a powerful lens through which to view bigger issues in American society, many recent events have come with a disturbing — yet seldom acknowledged — visual subtext.  
That subtext: When the professional sports stage is leveraged to spotlight the continuing systemic mistreatment of many black people in America, it’s black athletes who protest. Prominent white athletes, meanwhile, stay on the sidelines. 
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Recent examples aren’t hard to find. When LeBron James and other NBA stars wore shirts reading “I Can’t Breathe” in honor of Eric Garner and other black men killed by police, none of the league’s more well-known white players followed suit. The same goes for when Black Lives Matter protests continued to spread through the sports world shortly thereafter.  Read more…More about Nfl, Sports, and Entertainment

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