<div>Casey Affleck has a past, too: The Oscar contender's sexual harassment case</div>

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LOS ANGELES — Casey Affleck’s performance in Manchester by the Sea was one of two tickets to the Oscars Best Actor race stamped at Sundance, the other being Nate Parker’s for The Birth of a Nation. Surely poised to hit new career heights, the Park City breakouts harbored another similarity: Each had past allegations of sexual misconduct hiding in plain sight.
Rape allegations have already bludgeoned the Oscar hopes of Parker, who’s now spoken at great length about the case. But Affleck has sailed through so far without mention of the two women, a producer and a cinematographer, who in separate 2010 lawsuits accused the him of boorish and harassing behavior — including unwelcome physical advances — while shooting the Joaquin Phoenix docu-farce I’m Still Here.  Read more…More about Joaquin Phoenix, Nate Parker, Casey Affleck, Oscars, and Movies

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