<div>Creative foodie mum makes kid's lunch into edible famous characters</div>

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Laleh Mohmedi of Melbourne, Australia has taken the whole “eat your veggies” thing to the next level. 
Using popular characters from films and pop-culture as her inspiration, the mum creates colourful meals for her son Jacob — with startling likeness to the originals.
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The project, which started out as a bit of Facebook fun, has developed a huge following and spawned its own Instagram account.
It’s become a full time job for Mohmedi and even garnered attention from the king of kitchens, Jamie Oliver. 
Speaking with SBS Mohmedi said that she never expected the project to be so well received. “I did this purely to inspire other mothers, I know there are a lot of fussy eaters out there –  and I did it just for a bit of fun too! I didn’t expect it to turn into any of this.” Read more…More about Jacob, Laleh Mohmedi, Australia, Food Art, and Watercooler

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