<div>Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt deliver movie star goods in the best 'Magnificent Seven' yet</div>

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The remake is one of the oldest tricks in the Hollywood playbook. What better way to prey upon our weakness for nostalgia than repackaging the same story with new stars and updated visual effects? The cynical among us expected Antoine Fuqua’s old-but-new western The Magnificent Seven to pale in comparison to John Sturges’ 1960 “classic,” which itself was a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s vastly superior Seven Samurai. 
Well, fortunately, the doubters were wrong.
The new Magnificent Seven improves upon the original in just about every regard, from its direction, pacing and action to its characters, casting and performances. The new film may not have its own iconic score courtesy of Elmer Bernstein, though it does borrow the rousing earlier theme, even if it’s not often enough for my liking. Read more…More about Antoine Fuqua, Vincent D Onofrio, Haley Bennett, Ethan Hawke, and The Magnificent Seven

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