<div>Diseased, depressed and drunk: A short history of candidates' many health problems</div>

The revelation of Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis over the weekend, coupled with the images of her stumbling while leaving a Sept. 11 memorial event, has fueled critics who have long called on the Democratic nominee for president to release her health records. 
Clinton’s diagnosis has brightened the spotlight on presidential candidates’ medical records, one with a short history of transparency and a long history of controversy.
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Historical precedence
Historically speaking, there’s been little consistency regarding the release of a presidential candidate’s health records. In fact, there’s no requirement to release those records. It’s done voluntarily by campaigns to prove to voters the health and vitality of the men and women who seek to serve. The public demand follows decades of deception as candidates routinely hid their true conditions (more on that in a bit).  Read more…More about 2016 Election, Medical Records, Election 2016, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton

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