<div>Everything Apple's new AirPods look like</div>

The future is wireless — and kinda looks like a broken Q-tip. 
*Pause to gasp in awe*
Apple unveiled our wireless future with the introduction of the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 and AirPods. The AirPods take Apple’s traditional EarPods and snip the cords for an audio experience that you’ll probably lose at least twice a week.
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The internet took note of the new dangly ear hole accessories and did what the internet does.

The new Airpods look like Snoopypic.twitter.com/NoghfXKWZU
— Noerdy (@TheNoerdy1221) September 7, 2016

Yo @Apple why do the new airpods look like the speakers from Teletubbies 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/jQJEQ4mnvU
— Parker (@parkertedrow) September 7, 2016 Read more…
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