<div>'Fallout 4' mod support isn't coming to PlayStation 4 after all</div>

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Fallout 4 unexpectedly brought support for mods — player-created add-ons for the game — to Xbox One. The same support was supposed to be coming to PlayStation 4 as well, but Bethesda Softworks confirmed on Friday that it’s not happening.
Mods have traditionally been the domain of PC gaming. There’s been a small a handful of games in the past that gave players some ability to carry content created on a computer over to a console, but nothing on the level of what Fallout 4 has done on Xbox One.
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The issue, according to Bethesda, is on Sony’s side. Mods have “long been ready,” but the PS4 gatekeeper let Bethesda know that “they will not approve user mods the way they should work.” Read more…More about Entertainment, Gaming, Playstation 4, Sony, and Bethesda Softworks

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