<div>If Apple can't keep its secrets, who can?</div>

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Apple can’t really keep a secret, either.
Minutes into Apple CEO Tim Cook’s iPhone 7 event presentation, which started with Super Mario, Pokémon and coding for everyone, the company’s freshly reactivated Twitter account posted a video of the new iPhone 7 getting splashed by water. This was almost an hour before Cook and Apple SVP Phil Schiller would official unveil the spiffy, new, headphone-jack-free product.

Sooo, this already happened. iPhone 7 + water-resistance. Perfect togetherhttps://t.co/THjgVodPqI
— Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff) September 7, 2016

I stared at the tweet uncomprehendingly. What had Apple done? Was this intentional or a screw-up? I’m guessing the latter. Since it was a promoted tweet, it didn’t appear on Apple’s Twitter account page, but people found and shared it nonetheless.  Read more…More about Iphone 7, Apple, and Tech

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