<div>If bamboo bikes are so great, why don't they sell well in China?</div>

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CHENGDU, Sichuan — Jacob Klink shows me his handmade bamboo bicycle in his shop, Natooke. It’s a gorgeous piece, strung together by natural jute, a hemp-like material. 
Sold under the Source Cycles brand, the bikes are made with two species of bamboo: Bambusa pervariabilis and Arundinaria amabilis. The former is straight and wide and makes up most of the frame. The latter, because of it’s high density and thinness, is used for the seat and chain stay, a supportive structure in the bike.

One of Source Cycles’ bikes.Image: Clarissa Wei/mashableSEE ALSO: This portable standing desk is made entirely out of cardboard Read more…More about Sustainability, China, Bamboo Bikes, Bamboo, and World

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