<div>No headphone jack? No problem. Here's some wireless headphones to choose from</div>

Rumors have it that the new iPhone, which is being launched later today, will have no headphone jack. Without any sort of official confirmation, we can’t be certain about this, but there are many, many strong indications that Apple will indeed get rid of the trusty old 3.5 mm audio connector. 
Here’s one: makers of headphones are launching wireless, Bluetooth models en masse. We’ve seen several new models appear at tech show IFA, as well as more launches leading up to the Apple event. 
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Regardless of what you think about the headphone jack or lack thereof, fully wireless headphones and earphones, while not exactly new, are becoming a hot topic. Here’s a quick overview of some of the models we’ve seen launch in the last week (yes, just in the last seven days).  Read more…More about Headphone Jack, Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Iphone 7, and Ifa 2016

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