<div>People are devastated over the closure of one of London's most-loved nightclubs, Fabric</div>

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LONDON — After hours of discussion, police got what they asked for: the closure of one of the world’s most well-known nightclubs.
The local council said Fabric had failed to control the use of drugs on its premises. The decision to revoke Fabric’s licence came just after 1 a.m. Wednesday — a time of the night when people usually start queuing to get into the club.
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DJs and supporters who had filled the public viewing galleries at the hearing were quietly shocked, with some bursting into tears.

On Twitter, the hashtag #FabricReview trended, as supporters around the world anxiously refreshed it, waiting for the decision. Read more…More about Islington, Drugs, Nightclub, Fabric, and Uk

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