<div>Samsung's Galaxy Note7 debacle is a gift to Apple</div>

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Samsung’s glorious Galaxy Note7 mission has just imploded, almost as spectacularly as SpaceX’s Facebook satellite-carrying rocket did on the launch pad just hours before.
SpaceX will mop up and launch again. Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 might not be so lucky.
The 5.7-inch Galaxy Note7 is one of the best-reviewed products and, perhaps, one of the top smartphones of the past year, but all that may be for naught. After dozens of reports of Galaxy Note7’s exploding while charging, Samsung on Friday made the dramatic decision to push pause on all sales of the Galaxy Note7. They have yet to issue a full recall, but are working on a replacement policy for the U.S. market, which Samsung plans to announce sometime on Friday. Read more…More about Samsung, Galaxy Note7, Galaxy Note 7, Tech, and Gadgets

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