<div>The EpiPen company's latest critic is the guy who makes Botox</div>

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Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that hiked the price of EpiPens to $300 each, has earned its fair share of critics in recent weeks. 
Now joining several members of Congress, Sarah Jessica Parker and angry parents is Brent Saunders, CEO of the pharmaceutical company that makes Botox. 
Saunders’ company, Allergan, of course makes other drugs besides Botox. But the CEO is still an unlikely critic of price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry. 
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In a blog post on his company’s website, Saunders didn’t directly name Mylan, but said he condemns dramatic price increases in general.  Read more…More about Price Gouging, Botox, Mylan, Epipen, and Allergan

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