<div>This is the only 'Apple Watch' that can get you drunk</div>

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Last week’s unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 2 kicked off the next phase of Apple’s wearables era, but another kind of “apple” wearable debuted on the same day, with much less fanfare, but offering unique features no smartwatch can. 
The Jim Beam Apple Watch is a watched-shaped wearable that puts a retractable shot glass on your wrist. 
Yes, it’s real, and it’s pretty awesome. 
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When its lid is closed, the surprisingly robust stainless steel device almost looks like a watch, except instead of a watch face, a subtle “Jim Beam Apple” engraving is displayed, a promotional nod to the company’s Apple bourbon whiskey product. Open the wearable up and you can extend a sturdy metal cup that you can drink from (yes, really).  Read more…More about Whiskey, Marketing, Wearables, Apple, and Jim Beam Apple Watch

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