<div>Why 500 Domino's stores in India are turning vegetarian next month</div>

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in India, plan in accordance with local religious sentiments. Domino’s Pizza seems to be getting it. 
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About 500 Domino’s Pizza outlets will not serve non-vegetarian products across north, central, and parts of west India for nine days next month. The occasion is Navratri, which means nine nights in Sanskrit, when millions of Hindus fast and pray. 
During this period they strictly avoid non-vegetarian products during this period, especially in Northern and Western regions of the countryNavratri begins on Oct. 1 this year. The nine-day period has traditionally seen a sharp drop in consumption of non-veg products in India.  Read more…More about Vegetarian Food, India, Domino S Pizza, Food, and Watercooler

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