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Everything you need to know about Shogun World, the badass samurai park from ‘Westworld’

Westworld the show may be named after Delos’s Wild West park, but after Sunday‘s “Akane No Mai” episode, everyone is talking about Shogun World, the extra-violent, samurai-filled park that Maeve, Hector, Lee, and their tiny band of Westworld survivors stumbled into. 
But what is Shogun World? What’s with the stab-happy overlord? And what on earth were ninjas doing there? Don’t worry, your questions will be answered shortly. 
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What is the Edo Period? 
The Edo period of Japanese history is named after Edo, the area that is now modern-day Tokyo, which was established as the seat of government in 1603. Some of the characteristics of the Edo period were a very strict class system that put a military overlord known as the shogun and his clan on top, landed lords called daimyo underneath them, warriors called samurai underneath the daimyo, and peasants under the samurai. It is also referred to as the Tokugawa period. Read more…More about Westworld, Westworld Season 2, Shogun World, Westworld Samurai, and Samurai World

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