Geoengineering is a bonkers plan, but it may be needed to tackle global warming

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Solar geoengineering is nuts. 
That, at least, is the reaction of many who hear about it for the first time. And how can it not be? Serious scientists are talking about deliberately trying to reflect a small fraction of sunlight back to space in order to cool planet Earth. 
But calling it ‘nuts’ is beside the point. The real question is: nuts compared to what? Isn’t it insane to be pumping billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere year after year, hoping it will be fine in the end?
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We have known for years, even decades, that things won’t turn out fine if we keep doing this. Claiming otherwise is willful blindness.  Read more…More about Geoengineering, Op Ed, Climate Change, Global Warming, and Climate

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