I made a spectacular vagina-shaped map riding London buses, using GPS tracking

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LONDON —  If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the Mashable offices, let me describe it to you with two words from Monday morning’s editorial meeting: penis map. 
In brainstorming a unique angle to address the launch of the London bus Hopper fare, we found ourselves pondering all the things one might hope to accomplish on public transit within one hour. 
It snowballed into something else entirely: a feminist quest to subvert the everyday patriarchal injustices that pervade social norms.
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Initially not realising that the Hopper fare includes only two bus rides per hour (you won’t be able to make unlimited switches within an hour until 2018, “possibly sooner”), we ambitiously decided to map out a shape in honour of London’s latest transportation triumph. And the shape first pitched was a penis.    Read more…More about Vagina, Tfl, Public Transportation, Transport, and Uk

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