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Is this weighted blanket the key to a better night’s sleep?

In times of stress and anxiety, when stiff muscles and racing thoughts keep you from sleep, a big hug can work like magic. But unless you’ve got a very dedicated partner, or you’ve hired a professional snuggler, it’s hard to find bearhugs on demand in the middle of the night.
That’s the concept behind the Serenity Weighted Gravity Blanket. The 20-lb. comforter was designed to comfort you by applying hug-like pressure, and could even help fight insomnia. 
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With weighted beads sewn inside, the Serenity blanket provides the coverage and warmth of your average duvet, but with a touch of added pressure. Not enough to crush you, but just enough to feel snug and secure.  Read more…More about Sleep, Sleep Tech, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Stackcommerce, and Shopping Solo

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