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Jurassic ‘World Evolution’ is the dino video game of our childhood dreams

Tycoon games became a staple in many childhoods after Rollercoaster Tycoon showed us the joy of murdering a bunch of innocent theme park visitors through horribly designed coaster rides.
Now imagine that, but instead of death traps disguised as a rollercoaster, you’ve got a rampaging T-Rex to terrorize people with. And that’s basically how we spent our roughly hour and a half of playtime with Frontier Developments’ demo for the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution sim game. 
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While not exactly the “official” premise of business simulators like Frontier’s classic Rollercoaster Tycoon or the new Jurassic World game, the designers admittedly know that not every player will come into their game with the purest of intentions. Sure, building your own fully functioning, hazard-free, profitable, and ethical dinosaur theme park sounds nice and all.  Read more…More about Entertainment, Jeff Goldblum, Video Games, Dinosaurs, and Tycoon

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