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Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Blended Truth headset on sale at Amazon

Gaming is always a relatively expensive hobby, but most of us were hoping that the newest Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch was as pricey as things were gonna get. But then virtual reality entered the picture and $500 became the new $300. While the HTC Vive may literally never have a decent sale (it has...CONTINUE READING

Video advert fraud has been draining telephone batteries

When is a banner ad not a banner ad? When it’s a hidden video ad generating fraudulent advertising revenue while draining your phone battery and using your valuable data allowance. As BuzzFeed reports, it’s been discovered that in-app banner ads have been hijacked on a massive scale to generate revenue for fraudsters working within the...CONTINUE READING

All (k, some) of your burning questions on Jordan Peele’s ‘Us,’ replied

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS follow for Jordan Peele’s Us.  So you’ve just seen Jordan Peele’s Us.  And now you’re left with a whole lot of questions and emotions to process. It’s not just youUs covers a whole lot of ground in two hours, and it’s made with such obvious care that it’s hard to resist the...CONTINUE READING

Highest 4K TV offers: Save on Samsung, LG, Sony, and extra this weekend

New seasons of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things are almost here. You know what this means, right? A lot of pitch-black on your screen.  Any seasoned fan knows that huge portions of both shows feature super dark scenes, whether that’s because there’s no electricity in the Seven Kingdoms or because a Demogorgon smashed all...CONTINUE READING
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