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Someone is willing to pay more than $16,000 for a coffee date with Ivanka Trump

There are plenty of great charities that need your money, but that hasn’t stopped someone from donating thousands of dollars for the opportunity to have a half-hour coffee date with Ivanka Trump.  SEE ALSO: Ivanka Trump separates her Twitter account from her brand, and she gets to keep all the followers You can bid on...CONTINUE READING

This video is all you need to know about Trump appointee Linda McMahon

Donald Trump has named former WWE president and CEO Linda McMahon (pictured above) to his cabinet to lead the Small Business Administration.  via GIPHY James Corden and Jason Schwartzman shoot a film entirely in Starbucks Experience the day Pearl Harbor was attacked in virtual reality Man who farts with hands takes crown on Finnish talent...CONTINUE READING

'Rocket League' has a new space arena and more customizations

The only thing better than playing soccer with rocket-powered cars is doing it in outer space. Rocket League’s Wednesday update, dubbed Starbase ARC, introduces a handful of cool new features: a free space-themed arena, a DLC space-themed car, new items (both holiday-themed and not), arena preferences for matchmaking, a custom level uploader, customizable training, some...CONTINUE READING
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How young Native Americans built and sustained the #NoDAPL movement

Tokata Iron Eyes is beaming. Surrounded by journalists, camera crews and activists, the 13-year-old water protector—what she and other demonstrators call themselves—stands in the snow at a camp near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, wearing a heavy gray coat, a large knitted scarf and thick burgundy mittens. Just minutes earlier, she and...CONTINUE READING
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