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Researchers are using drones and AI to count dugongs in the ocean

Counting dugongs in the ocean can be a pretty difficult task. That’s why Australian marine mammal researcher Dr. Amanda Hodgson, from Murdoch University in Western Australia, is trying to see if drones can provide an easier and more accurate way to keep track of the endangered sea animal. SEE ALSO: Pizza delivered by drone? It’s...CONTINUE READING

Who needs fireworks when you have drones?

Disney World is ditching the fireworks for drones this holiday season. On Nov. 20, Disney and Intel are launching the Starbright Holidays Drone Show, which they’re billing as the world’s largest drone LED show.  That’s right, instead of carefully-orchestrated fireworks shooting hundreds of feet into the air to create images of a flag, flower or...CONTINUE READING

Renegade deer completely wrecks poor dude during cross country race

Who says cross country isn’t a contact sport? While deer can be dangerous for drivers, pedestrians don’t often face the same problem. Well, except for this runner.  SEE ALSO: Relatable deer is already sick of holiday shopping A herd of deer rudely interrupted a cross country race in Pennsylvania on Saturday, directly hitting Gwynedd Mercy...CONTINUE READING

<div>'Overwatch' and 'Uncharted 4' lead Game Awards nominations</div>

The Game Awards nominations are in, and the two most-nominated titles are no surprise. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End leads in overall nominations with a total of eight, spread across six categories. Voice actors Emily Rose, Nolan North and Troy Baker all scored Uncharted nominations for Best Performance. SEE ALSO: ‘Uncharted 4’ scratches that ‘Indiana...CONTINUE READING

Millennials wearing Snapchat Spectacles could be a privacy disaster

The new Snapchat Spectacles might look like a toy, but connected sunglasses may carry hidden security implications.  Snap Inc. — the company behind the disappearing message app Snapchat — unveiled its newest product, Spectacles, on Thursday. The sunglasses-turned-video-camera lets you capture quick 10-second scenes that immediately get sent to your Snapchat account on your phone...CONTINUE READING
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Ed Sheeran surprised a 9-year-old fan in the hospital with a serenade

Singer Ed Sheeran’s song “Photograph” may have reached Billboard’s Number 1 spot – but we think his latest rendition is even better. Melody, a 9-year-old girl who has spent about 80 percent of her life in the hospital, recently received a surprise visitor at her hospital bed. Sheeran himself stopped by to perform his hit...CONTINUE READING
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