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<div>Jimmy Fallon loves 'Gilmore Girls' and names his top four characters</div>

Jimmy Fallon, you adorable goofball. Like so many new viewers, the Tonight Show host has been spending his spare moments of 2016 catching up on Gilmore Girls to prepare for the show’s Netflix revival. On Tuesday, Fallon listed his top four favorite characters, inviting viewers to do the same on Twitter. #GilmoreGirlsTop4 not allowed to...CONTINUE READING

<div>BET salutes President Obama with beautiful 'Love and Happiness' concert</div>

It’s not even January yet, and everybody already misses Barack Obama. BET hosted their own celebration of the president on the White House’s South Lawn last month. The party, which aired on BET on Tuesday, served as, “a love letter to the president and first lady,” and included such stars and musical guests as: Jill...CONTINUE READING
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<div>Facebook discloses more video metrics errors — and promises to do better</div>

Facebook videos are already so abundant on your news feed, and executives have said that your feed could become all video within the next five years.  Despite the abundance, Facebook has struggled to accurately report the reach and success of these videos to advertisers and publishers. Back in September, a Wall Street Journal report revealed...CONTINUE READING

<div>'Beauty and the Beast' trailer beats out 'Star Wars' and 'Fifty Shades' for most views in 24 hours</div>

It’s a tale as old as YouTube: The first full Beauty and the Beast trailer shattered first-day records with its Monday release and became the biggest online trailer debut ever. SEE ALSO: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Belle is 100 percent Hermione from another dimension Disney’s trailer racked up 127.6 million views in its first 24...CONTINUE READING

<div>Twitter's new abuse policy won't get rid of all my trolls, but it'll finally do something</div>

Twitter: the world’s greatest platform for breaking news, biting commentary and @Deplorable eggs telling you that you’re going to burn in hell. For years, I and tens of thousands of users on Twitter have struggled to handle erratic, sometimes incessant abuse by trolls. They come in a variety of shapes and forms from pictures of...CONTINUE READING

<div>How Trump won an election helped by America's anti-tech luddites</div>

How’d Donald Trump win the White House? It’s a vexing question with a least a half a dozen good explanations. Among them: a nationalist bent, fear of change, the destruction of the rust belt, blue-collar flight to the right—each one played a substantial role. As did technology. It’s supposed to be our magic carpet to...CONTINUE READING

<div>Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest account hacked again</div>

For all the things tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has accomplished over the years, properly handling his personal Pinterest account isn’t one of them. SEE ALSO: Don’t be like Mark: How to protect your social accounts from being hacked For the second time this year, Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest account has been hacked. On Tuesday, notorious hacker...CONTINUE READING
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<div>The power of public shaming in Trump's America</div>

As it turns out, the voice of the people can still, on occasion, upend the government.  It’s how a civic official in Clay County, West Virginia lost her job after she called Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” on a Facebook post, which Clay County’s mayor commented on, approvingly.  The post garnered widespread attention over...CONTINUE READING
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