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<div>The complicated 'League of Legends' brackets, explained</div>

Playing League of Legends at the professional level requires a lot of split-second calculations, spatial awareness and precision. Sometimes, being a fan and making sense of the brackets requires those same skills. So as the World Championship nears, here’s a breakdown of the key information about how Riot Games runs the tournament.  We broke down...CONTINUE READING

Jarring art exhibit confronts the harsh reality of female genital mutilation

As a global society, we’re often silent when it comes to issues of gendered violence, deeming them too distressing or uncomfortable to acknowledge. But a new art project is confronting the silence around one of the most harrowing examples of gender-based violence — female genital mutilation, or FGM. SEE ALSO: 7 facts you need to...CONTINUE READING

In diplomatic milestone, the US and China formally join Paris Climate Agreement

The United States and China, the world’s two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, formally joined the Paris Climate Agreement on Saturday. U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping officially committed their respective nations to the global climate pact during an early evening ceremony in Hangzhou, China, The two leaders handed their official documents...CONTINUE READING

<div>Vicious and absurd propaganda from the campaign against women's suffrage</div>

c. 1910Image: Museum of London/Heritage Images/Getty ImagesThe movement for women’s suffrage began in earnest with the Seneca Falls convention of 1848 and faced fierce resistance for decades.In Britain and the United States, suffragettes calling for the right to vote were regularly arrested and subjected to brutal imprisonment and torture.Suffragettes were also targeted with propaganda campaigns,...CONTINUE READING

<div>Cats peer out of pockets in Japanese artist's embroidered shirts</div>

Have you ever wanted to carry your cat in your pocket all day in a not-weird way? Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota’s archives of custom-made shirts feature hundreds of different cats emerging from pockets via meticulous embroidery. SEE ALSO: Man animates stop motion flame on his cat’s head According to Spoon & Tamago, Kutoba started making...CONTINUE READING
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Rival video platforms threw shade at the #YouTubeIsOverParty drama

LOS ANGELES — Digital video platforms Vimeo and Vidme are throwing some timely  shade at YouTube. On Friday — one day after many outraged creators declared their disdain for YouTube’s not-so-new “advertiser-friendly guidelines — Vidme and Vimeo made public efforts to underscore just how different they are from the competitor and Google-owned giant. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Airbnb asked to disclose data on 172 users so far this year

Airbnb received 188 requests for user information from law enforcement so far in 2016, the company said in its first transparency report.   Airbnb released the transparency report Friday and said it intends to update it annually. Other companies, like Google and Facebook, release similar reports about requests for user information from law enforcement.  ...CONTINUE READING

This WARN winch drags off-roading tech into the 21st century

If I were forced to list the top five most antiquated activities a person can partake in, from least advanced to most, it would look something like this: Jumping rope Churning butter Off-roading Spearfishing Microwaving a burrito As you can see, dead center in that list is “off-roading” — a.k.a driving off-road. However, you might...CONTINUE READING
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