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*Slaps roof of car* This article can fit so many car salesman memes in it

Weird millennial humor is at it again. 
Car salesmen have an unfortunate stereotype: a bit greasy, a little sneaky, and very eager to pawn off a hunk of metal as an amazing deal with features you didn’t even know you needed. This meme shows exactly what people want when they buy cars. 
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The car salesman meme took over social media over the past week, gracing all of us with variations of the bizarre joke. 

car salesman: *slaps roof of car* this bad boy can fit so much fuckin spaghetti in it pic.twitter.com/cs3iXrdXPa
— мирко (@MirGucci) June 25, 2018

The meme appears to have originated from a 2014 tweet, adapted by @MirGucci with a poorly drawn stock illustration.  Read more…More about Twitter, Memes, Reddit, Culture, and Web Culture

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