Star Trek at 50: You made me who I am

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A half century of Star Trek means that, for many people, there has been no life without the iconic franchise.
I’m certainly one of those people, narrowly missing the original run (I was born, but not even school age when it went off the air in 1969). I caught the second wave with reruns in the early 1970s, watching it almost every day when I came home from school. I also watched I Love Lucy, which, not coincidentally, starred Lucille Ball, who would go on to produce Star Trek (and save it from obscurity).
Essentially the episodic tale of a ship-at-sea in the middle of deep space (everything in it is modeled on the Navy), Star Trek was just strange enough to excite my young brain. There were the bright colors (yellow, red, blue) the quick cuts to the canned footage of the Enterprise circling a planet, scantily clad green women, panels and panels of flashing lights, gadgetry like the phaser and hand-held communicators — not to mention the tight-knit crew. Read more…More about Star Trek 50, Star Trek, Entertainment, and Tv

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