Sydney lockout report recommends laws be (barely) relaxed for music venues

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A lot of people are going to be very disappointed. A highly anticipated inquiry into Sydney’s lockout laws has found the rules could be “relaxed” for live entertainment venues by a whopping 30 minutes.
Led by former High Court judge Ian Callinan, the report recommends the 1.30 a.m. lockout and 3 a.m. last drinks times in certain live music venues should be pushed to 2 a.m. and 3.30 a.m. respectively. 
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Issued Tuesday, opponents of the lockouts hoped the report would prove their claim that the measures passed by the New South Wales government in 2014 had pretty much killed Sydney’s nightlife. The laws were originally passed in an effort to end alcohol-fuelled violence in Sydney’s key nightlife areas, such as Kings Cross.  Read more…More about Entertainment, Sydney, Sydney Lockout Laws, Australia, and World

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