The disappearing dots on this image are driving the internet insane

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There’s a new optical illusion on the block, and it’s a good one. 
Take a look at the image above. Take as much time as you want. It looks as though there’s one, maybe two dots at the intersections of the diagonal gray lines, but the dots are constantly moving, right?
The dots are not moving: it’s a static image and there is a total of 12 dots in the picture (check out the full version of the image, below).

There are twelve black dots at the intersections in this image. Your brain won’t let you see them all at
— Will Kerslake (@wkerslake) September 11, 2016

We’ve seen our fair share of optical illusions — even variations on the one above — but rarely is one so undefeatable as this. It’s nearly impossible to see more than maybe three dots at once, even when you’ve convinced your brain there are 12 dots.   Read more…More about Missing Dots, Disappearing Dots, Optical Illusions, Not Gif, and Watercooler

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