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The new, most popular ‘Westworld’ theory for Season 2 is a doozy

Westworld is back and, by the looks of it, the Season 2 premiere is up to some old tricks again. 
Last season’s big twist centered around the show taking place over multiple timelines experienced by Dolores, culminating in the reveal that The Man in Black is actually William and that Dolores killed Arnold before the park opened decades ago. 
It would appear that now, in Season 2, Bernard is at the center of a new multiple timeline puzzle.
Or at least that’s what they want you to think. 
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Because Westworld might be up to its old tricks again, but so is Reddit. These are the same crafty fans who figured out that there were multiple timelines happening in Season 1 by, like, episode 2. And they’re not buying that Bernard’s confusing plot in the premiere only comes down to different  timelines. Oh no. Now, we’re probably dealing with multiple clone versions of the Bernard host experiencing multiple timelines. Read more…More about Entertainment, Reddit, Hbo, Westworld, and Westworld Season 2

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